SQL Vs NoSQL Database


  • SQL refers to a relational database that stores data in rows and columns like an excel.
  • SQL databases can store only structured data.
Database --> Tables(s)

SQL databases Examples

  • Db2
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • NoSQL refers to non-relational databases that store data in a non-tabular form like document (JSON), key-value, graph, or wide-column stores.
  • NoSQL databases can store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.
Database --> Collection(s) --> Objects(s)

NoSQL databases Examples

  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch

Is NoSQL faster than SQL?

  • SQL databases are normalized databases where the data is broken down into various logical tables to avoid data redundancy and data duplication. In this scenario, SQL databases are faster than their NoSQL counterparts for joins, queries, updates, etc.
  • NoSQL databases are specifically designed for unstructured data which can be document-oriented, column-oriented, graph-based, etc. In this case, a particular data entity is stored together and not partitioned. So performing read or write operations on a single data entity is faster for NoSQL databases as compared to SQL databases.

Use SQL Database IF

  • You are dealing with data whose structure doesn’t change frequently.
  • For transaction management use cases.
  • You have complex joins and related data (Complex queries are easier to write in SQL and computation is fast as well).
  • Your DB data can be fit into a single machine, without the requirement of scaling up.

Use NoSQL Database IF

  • You have frequent modifications to DB and are not sure about schema design.
  • For graph-like data and real-time applications like IoT, Gaming, etc.
  • If most of the queries you have in your systems are filtering, conditioning, grouping, or ordering; meaning when you have simple queries.


  • The choice of the database between SQL and NoSQL cannot be concluded on the differences between them but the project requirements. If you are not sure about schema or creating real-time IoT or gamming applications use NoSQL else SQL.



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